Malai Kulfi Recipe | How to make Malai Kulfi at home

The taste of Malai Kulfi made from milk is liked by both children and grown-ups. It is very easy to make. Not only that, on the occasion of happiness, but you can also make Malai Kulfi filled with saffron and dry fruits to sweeten the mouth of people.

Malai Kulfi

How is kulfi different from ice cream?

True ice cream is made out of cream, milk, sugar, and other ingredients for flavor. It's often fairly soft due to its high-fat content from the cream, and being churned as it freezes.

It is frozen in large containers and spooned out for individual servings, either in a cone or bowl.

Kulfi is usually made of condensed milk (which is whole milk and sugar) and flavor ingredients (often mango, pistachio, and other flavors considered 'desert' in India).

It is relatively hard and dense since it has less fat and is usually placed in a dish and frozen without mixing.

Its usually served as a popsicle or frozen in individual dishes, since trying to scoop kulfi often results in it breaking up into chunks.

There are also many other western frozen dairy desserts, such as frozen yogurt, or 'diet ice cream' without cream, which are often referred to like ice cream, and each has their own specific ways of being made

Overall true ice cream and kulfi are similar, they are both dairy-based frozen desserts, and can be even more similar if the ice cream is flavored with typical Indian flavors.

Malai Kulfi Recipe

Malai Kulfi


  • 150 grams Sugar (fine grain) 
  • 450 grams Flour 
  •  300 grams Butter (salted) 
  • 2 tsp Vanilla extract 


  • Preparation: 5 minutes
  • Cook Time: 46 minutes
  • Total Time: 50 minutes
  • 4-6 Servings


  • Heat the milk and reduce it to 1/3. Add the sugar, stir, and let it cool completely. Grind and add pistachios to make it smooth. Pour the kulfi molds inside and keep them tight in the freezer. Remove and freeze.


  • In making Malai Kulfi, while boiling the milk, the milk has to be thickened by stirring well, the milk is not in the bottom of the vessel, otherwise, the taste of the Kulfi will be spoiled.
Malai Kulfi

Tips and tricks of Malai Kulfi

  • First, put the milk in a heavy-bottomed vessel to heat it, and let the milk boil.
  • Cut cashews into small pieces and prepare them. Cut the pistachios into thin pieces. Peel small cardamom and make a coarse powder.
  • After the milk starts to boil, keep stirring the milk every 1-2 minutes by moving the spoon to the bottom of the pot, keep it thick and cook till the milk is half of the time, after half of the milk, add chopped cashews and pistachios. Give, let the milk thicken a little, add cardamom powder and powdered sugar, mix and boil the milk a little for 1-2 minutes.
  • Remove the milk from the gas and keep the milk to cool down. After the milk cools down, put it in a container, cover it, and keep it in the fridge to freeze for 6-8 hours.
  • Once the Kulfi is frozen, take it out of the fridge and serve the cold Kulfi within 10 minutes and eat it.


1. To make Malai Kulfi we need Full cream milk. Now we cook it. Whatever amount of milk you take cook it till it reduces to one-third of that amount.

2. A nice boil has come in this. As you can see the milk has reduced to half almost. We have to take it to one-third.

How to make Malai Kulfi

3. As you can see, it has thickened, it will thicken more. Its cream which we were scraping from the sides is now nicely visible.

4. The milk has reduced now. At this stage, we'll turn it off. Remove it from the heat and add Sugar.

5. We'll mix it nicely. In this goes Cardamom powder and with that, we add finely chopped Pistachios. We need to cool it down completely.

6. After that, we fill it in a mold. This is completely cold now. We'll now fill the molds with this. There. Just so that they don't fall I have kept them in a glass.

Malai Kulfi

Freezing Malai Kulfi

7. This will go in the deep freezer. And after about 2 or 2.5 hours we'll put an ice-cream stick in this. And will again freeze it. Till it solidifies completely.

8. It has been 2 hours since they are semi-frozen. This is the right time to insert a stick in them.

9. So that it just stays in the middle in this manner. This will go back inside the deep freezer. For about 3 to 4 hours or till it freezes completely.

10. Malai Kulfi is frozen. I'll put this in normal water. Just to loosen it up. I will rub it with my hands. So that it leaves the mold because of the warmth. And. Woof. There it is.

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